Colors form a major part of our lives. Whether it is the yellow of the fall or the red of the spring, we are surrounded with vibrancy all the way along. In addition to the natural hues, there are artificial ones that we covet in our apparel, homes and offices, to name a few. These have an affect on our moods and make us happier in every way.

Similarly, games, and more specifically, mobile games, have opened the doors for a number of enthusiasts to venture into an exciting world that offers simulation, relaxation and a sense of achievement, along with a colorful experience. These are ideally available for free in App Stores and can be downloaded onto almost any smart phones. The genres of games that are hugely popular include matching puzzles, casual, cooking and massively multiplayer online games.

Most of these games have spots as their props. There are several connecting the props games that are immersive and offer hours of entertainment to mobile gamers from around the world. For the sake of brevity, let us discuss matching puzzles in order to understand the topic at hand.

These can be played by all age groups – from children to the elderly. Gaming companies use different props such as candies, fruits, vegetables, etc. that need to be matched in order to progress further in the game. However, it is the spots that take the top position as far as popularity is concerned. Connecting the spots and accomplishing specific targets in the respective levels can offer varied challenges to players without them feeling bored. 

The thing that sets such games apart is the vibrancy associated with the colorful spots. Here are a few other reasons why colorful spots attract players from different walks of life:

  • Ubiquitous spots design – People who love mobile games relate to them on a personal level as they play almost every day. Since the props used (Spots) are balanced and are not intended to hurt the sentiments of people based on color, region, gender, class, religion and other attributes, these are highly popular as far as casual games as concerned. Connecting these neutral spots is addictive and can create a gameplay that is inclusive for children, youngsters, men and women.
  • Fanciful colors that appeal to everyone- Each color has a specific meaning attached to it. For example, black is known for absorbing everything. Red is the color of passion and dynamism, and green is refreshing. Yellow is said to spread happiness and blue is the color for relaxation. All these basic colors are included in ‘spots connecting’ games. Most of them offer customization options to players in which they can choose different hues in the specific colored spots that have been included.
  • Riveting Gameplay – Though it appears that just connecting spots can get boring after a while in theory, it is not so in practicality. Game developers make sure to include diverse challenges in progression so as to keep up the interest of the players. Another thing that adds to the whole gaming experience is the colors. These colors give an impression to the players that they are being presented with multiple gameplays in a single app because of their vividness. The contrast that is created when such vibrant colored spots are placed on a neutral UI base is equally important. This creates a pleasing effect on the eyes and does not tire the players’ eyes in any way.
  • Intrigues the target demographic of female players – Women love radiant graphics, and what can be better than colored spots to attract their attention! Reports prove that female players make almost 50% of the total mobile gamers in the world and the percentage is increasing on a daily basis. Therefore, offering ‘connecting the spots’ games with effervescent props is bound to provide this demographic with the most relevant options.

All the aforementioned reasons make mobile games with colorful spots the most popular choice when compared to other props. The fact that these are easily relatable and can be enjoyed for a longer time period also play an important role. 

There are many enjoyable games such as Spots Connect which has the most downloads and continue to top the charts even after a long time. An offering from the Launchship Studios, this happens to be a popular choice amongst players who love playing with splendent spots. It’s time to make these spots an important part of your mobile gaming life, and how!