With the Christmas season approaching, there are bound to be festivities all around. From malls to homes and offices, every building and avenue will be adorned in line with the season’s theme. All this is an effort to instill happiness into people’s lives and make the upcoming holiday season memorable. Along with the gifts, parties and delectable food, there are many other ways in which you can enjoy one of the best times of the year. 

Let us take the example of mobile games. When every other avenue is being decorated in the Christmas spirit, why should games be left behind? There are many gaming development companies that have already introduced new themes in order to keep up with this time of the year. Here is a list of some of the games that you will find interesting:

  • Christmas Bash – As the name suggests, this offering from Launchship Studios is Christmas based. There is Santa going, ‘Ho ho ho’, and many other happy characters in the app. It is a Match 3 game where players need to collect candies, cookies and cakes. There are several items such as the characters, graphics and the background board that have been changed for the upcoming holidays. A new theme has been added to keep up the Christmas spirit. This has made the game even more relevant to the festivities and players young and old can relate to it whenever they try this game.
  • Candy World – It is such a wonderful feeling to see characters in games wearing Christmas caps and inviting you to play the game. Though Candy World is based on the Christmas holidays with sweetmeats galore, the latest update will keep the players come back for more.. There have been a few tweaks such as a new theme with regards to the graphics, designs, etc. which adds to the whole package. So, the next time you are playing this Match 3 puzzle game, get ready to be pleasantly surprised.
  • Mike and Happy Glass – This is a draw a line and fill the cup game from Foghop that has Mike as the main character. He is happy when his cup is filled with coffee and not when it is empty. Players need to ensure that the coffee falls into the cup and does not spill by drawing lines around the obstacles. For this year’s upcoming Christmas festivities, there have been several changes. The theme and design are just a couple of them. 
  • Crazy Story – What makes this game unique is a 3 mode play. Players can match, tap and connect their way up. This is another mobile app that has been refashioned owing to the approaching holidays. There are sweets along with a Christmas theme/background and players can ring in the festivities a lot earlier. Sophie, the main character in the game has also been given a new look as a part of the latest update.
  • Spots Connect – This popular offering is known for its unlimited levels. The colorful spots need to be connected and the gameplay offers many challenges as you go up. It is one of the more popular games in the genre. As far as Christmas is concerned, there is a new theme which can be explored by players. There are several other changes in the board which are meant to ring in the festivities.
  • Cookie Burst Mania – The colorful cookies and candies in this puzzle game await collecting. There are many changes that have been made for this Christmas season. These include a brand new theme and new accessories for the characters. The updated version is believed to offer a novel welcome to the upcoming holidays.
  • Zig Zag Santa – Christmas is not complete without giving and receiving gifts. This game is all about helping Santa deliver gifts to everyone. Help him by avoiding any obstacles and sliding across the snow so he collects all the gifts to be delivered. There are trees, houses and other characters that players need to look out for. Although it is a Christmas based game, there have been a few changes made to the overall graphics and this has given a new look to it.

There is nothing more fun than enjoying the imminent gaiety early on by playing these games. Have a wonderful time with the modified versions and we are sure you will have the best gaming experience ever!