4 years and still going strong! Spots Connect – a mobile game with 5+ million users who support and love the game – has come a long way! This Android game is known for its simple design and engrossing gameplay. For all those who love connecting games, this one offers unlimited fun in the form of 4500 progressively challenging levels. So, what was the idea behind making the game and it becoming one of the most popular of all? Let us jog down the memory lane and learn more!

The making of Spots Connect

With only a handful of resources, Launchship Studios started designing Spots Connect with an intention to offer a mobile game that is for people of all ages. Our aim was to use props that are neutral and do not harm the sentiments of players based on their color, region, gender, class, religion and other beliefs. 

So, it was decided by our designers and concept artists group of 4 that this was the best option. In addition to being attractive, colorful spots are also inoffensive. They also wanted them to be pleasing to the players’ eyes so that they could play for a longer period of time without any discomfort. Hence, the use of basic colors in different hues was adopted. There is a story that the ‘spots’ design took the maximum time during the pre-production phase – 5 weeks! We offer a number of different styles/themes of spots so as to keep the interest of our players. 

When this was ready, the next step was gameplay. Our developers and level designers work started thereafter. They were given the task of making a game that starts simple and gets challenging as the players’ progress. Using the right engine and other relevant tools, a prototype was prepared and presented to the testers and the higher management. Once the stability of Spots Connect as a game was established, the date of releasing it was tentatively set.

This stage of post-production involved getting reviews from players who used the alpha and beta versions of the game. We were able to fix a few bugs and finally, Spots Connect was released on the Google Play Store on 28th February 2017.

Post-release success

We had a steady increase in the number of downloads for Spots Connect. Players worldwide have found the game to be entertaining and able to decrease their stress levels. The average rating as of today stands at 4.3 against a high of 5 and this is something we are quite proud of. 

We had the glorious opportunity to feature Spots Connect in the Google App Summit, 2018, in the Best Rewarded Ads Category. We are hoping that there will be several other accolades in the future as well.

What started with a few hundred levels reached 4500 currently, over several updates in the past 4 years. It is quite delightful to see that there are several players who keep asking about further levels being added. Since we have to meet the expectations of them all, we are taking some time in creating levels that are highly competitive and engrossing. Let’s just hope that we are able to give them what they want and more! 

Thank you, players!

We have a lot to thank our players for! The success of Spots Connect in the past and present could not have been possible without your support. 

Here are a few of your words from which make us go on with our endeavor:

“Congratulations to the developer for a great hobby, I can’t do without it, I highly recommend it.”

“I like everything that helps memory or to develop or better the cognitive part. It’s good, and a game that has colors helps the mind from stress. Very good.”

“I have just finished 4500 levels…and am eagerly waiting for more levels…I love this game…when will there be more levels ?”

We invite suggestions and feedback from you to ensure that we take every opportunity to make the game better and give you the best experience. When we see the reviews which say that Spots Connect helped you stay happy and hopeful in the difficult times of COVID 19 and the lockdown period, it inspires us to serve you better and make it our priority to enhance the game in every possible way.