Ball Balls Blocks

BBB - Ball, Balls, Block vs Snake

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BBB – is all about your skill in moving the snake-like line of ballz you have across the screen.

swipe your finger to collect all the ball items to get additional balls and increase your number of ballz of the snake and break the bricks like balls vs blocks.
Thus the challenge is collecting the balls to increase the number of ballz you have and picking the right path so you can successfully break through a block.
The more ballz you collect and the more you break the snake vs blocks to get high scores.

Collect more ballz and make the biggest snake ever and helps you break bigger blocks.
It’s difficult at first, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to get some truly ballistic highscores in Balls vs Blocks!
BBB Easy to play but very difficult to get high scores. How long you can?

* Challenge your friends with the high highscore
* There is no end, the game will get more challenging the longer you last.
* It’s all about surviving as a long as possible snake vs blocks
* Pay Attention to What’s Ahead
* BBB Balls games FREE to Play

“You’ll be well on your way to breaking every record that you set in Foghop’s latest mobile game”