Frequently Asked Questions

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  • We have designed the game in such a way that every spot you connect earns you 100 points. You can also earn stars by connecting a long line of similar spots.
  • Spots Connect is a connecting game that makes use of your gaming skills to the fullest. You have to connect similar colored spots in 3 or more numbers and complete the levels. Along the way, there are many challenges and unique targets that you will have to accomplish. To help you in the quest, there are several boosters and powerups. Start playing now as there are 4000 levels to be finished.
  • In the settings option, there is an ‘i’ icon. Once you click on it, you will get a list of all the instructions related to gameplay.
  • Make the longest line by connecting the same colored spots and you can get the maximum score. You can also use power-ups and boosters for the same.
  • For each level, there are pre-set scores that you will need to achieve. Stars can be earned by getting these scores. You can also use powerups for earning more stars.
  • For collecting a specific number of items such as shields and cups, you will need to connect and destroy the spots so that the items move downwards. Once they reach the bottom, they are collected.
  • You can break the glass by connecting similar colored spots through it. You can also use powerups on the glass to destroy.
  • You can destroy the blocks by connecting same color spots on it. Depending on the level and the color of the blocks, you need to connect on the blocks accordingly. For the light colored ones, once is enough. For the darker blocks, you will need to connect the spots twice to destroy.
  • You can match same colored spots located near the wooden boxes and they will be destroyed.
  • You have to connect similar colored spots along with the spot bombs to destroy them; do this within the number of moves specified on the bombs to reach the target.
  • You can destroy them by connecting the spots around them. However, these multiply in number if you are unable to do so. Try to remove them first.
  • For each star, there are pre-set scores that you will need to achieve. The stars can be earned by getting these scores.
  • There is an in-game power of extra 30 seconds inside the gameplay. If you fail a level, you have an option to watch a free ad and get extra time. You can also redeem 2 gems and get 30 seconds extra.
  • If you run out of moves, you can watch a free ad or redeem 2 gems to can get 5 extra moves. There is also an in-game feature of extra 5 moves that can be used during the gameplay.
    • You can watch ads for free lives.
    • You can also get lives by redeeming the gems.
    • After every 15 minutes, you will get a new life.
  • The screen automatically prompts probable matches of similar spots to help the player during the gameplay.
  • You can purchase the in app pack for gems on the Shop page. With this, you will get a ‘no ads’ pack as complimentary. This will remove any interstitial ads.
  • Boosters

  • There are 2 pregame powers enabled. These are unlocked after you successfully complete a pre-set number of levels. The first one is a horizontal or vertical bomb and can destroy spots when they are activated.
    1. Horizontal power - You can destroy any colored spots in a row.
    2. Vertical power -You can destroy any colored spots in a column.
    If you wish to have more, you can purchase them in the in-app store, redeem your gems or use the spin wheel. The second one is a multicolored bomb. When activated, it changes a specific number of spots into one color, making it easy for the player to complete the level.
  • By using thunder, you can destroy spots of any colors in the row and column.
  • You can activate the bomb to destroy 9 surrounding spots of any colors. Wooden blocks, glass blocks and skeletons can also be destroyed using it.
  • You can use scissors by activating it and clicking on a spot of your choice. The chosen spot is destroyed immediately.
  • Rewards

  • You get one spin per day and you will be rewarded with any one of the boosters and gems. You can get extra spins by redeeming gems.
    • There is one reward for every 15 completed levels. In each of these rewards, you can earn up to 45 stars.
    • For the first 15 stars, you get a gem.
    • After the next 10, you get 2 gems and a scissors power-up.
    • The next reward is 3 gems, 1 pair of scissors & 1 bomb and these can be claimed after earning the next 35 stars.
    • Finally, after 45 stars, you will get 4 gems, 1 bomb and 1 power-up.
  • There is one daily reward that can be redeemed everyday in the first week. These are again added after seven days are completed and continue thereafter. You can earn gems here. The number of gems that are rewarded increases with each passing day.
  • Coins and Purchases

  • When you purchase any pack after logging in to Facebook or if you purchase the pack and login to Facebook, the pack remains active and all data is stored after reinstalling also.
  • You will be sent a receipt to your registered email ID. This will have the order ID and all other details of the purchase made.
  • You can use gems to purchase powers, lives, spins and boosters. If you fail a certain level, you have an option to redeem the gems for extra time or moves, whichever is relevant.
  • If under any circumstances you do not get the rewards after the purchase, you can contact us. We will then look into it.
  • There is an option to collect 2 gems by watching one free video ad. These ads are enabled on the map page, spin wheel, shop page, boosters page and the level completed panel.
  • You can buy gems from the in-app purchase in the shop page.
  • Game Progress

    1. While playing, login to Facebook from your mobile.
    2. In case your phone crashes or you lose your phone or in any other situation, you can retrieve your game progress by installing Spots Connect and logging in to Facebook with the same credentials.
  • Facebook

  • If you login to Facebook and play, you can transfer the game progress from one Android device to another by using the same credentials.
  • If you have dual Facebook accounts in your device, you can play Spots Connect using both of them.
  • There are 3 options:
    1. You can login from the title page.
    2. On the top left corner of the map page, there is an envelope. Clicking on it will enable you to login to Facebook.
    3. At the start of each level, you are given a choice to login to Facebook.
  • When you play after logging to Facebook and complete a level, there is an option called ‘f’ share. This can be used for sharing.
  • Debugging

  • These are meant to encourage the players and offer an interactive gaming experience. Since we have people of all age groups playing our game, this is aimed to keep up the interest.
  • Here is the step-wise process:
    1. Go to your phone settings.
    2. There is an option to stop notifications for specific apps.
    3. You can choose Spots Connect from the list and the notifications will be disabled.
  • Updates

    • Open Google Play Store and search for Spots Connect.
    • Once you see the app, click on the 'update' button and the latest version will be installed onto your device. There is an auto update option as well.
  • In Google Play Store, the latest version of Spots Connect, 2.6.8 is available for download. Please install this as we have fixed minor bugs. We will keep adding more levels to the existing ones.
  • Fair Play

  • Any cheating contradicts the policy of fair play, and that’s why we prevent cheaters from the game with all might. Owners of accounts with suspicious activity, additional resources outside in-game transactions and traces of hacking will be ruthlessly banned when spotted. We won’t let hackers have any advantages over fair players of the game.
  • Others

  • You can offer your suggestions and feedback at Our team will then take it further.
  • You will need a device with Android OS 4.1 or higher, and with a CPU that supports the ARMv7 or x86 instruction set.
  • There are two ways of doing it:
    • Install Google Play Games App.
    • A new username is automatically created.
    • You can use this for Google Achievements and Leaderboard.
    • If you have already installed Google Play, you will be asked to authenticate the ID that you wish to use for the game.
    • Once you select this, the account is automatically synced with the game and you can use it for accessing Leaderboard Achievements.
  • If you go to the ‘map’ page (first option on the extreme right at the bottom), you will get multiple options for themes.
  • In the in-game settings, there is an option to change the current language.
  • On the map page, you can choose the spot designs by clicking on the second icon at the bottom right. There are 6 options available.