It is that time of the year when you get ready for the most awaited party – Halloween. People from around the world celebrate this exciting and eerie occasion with horrific attire and scary activities. The whole month of Halloween is spent getting ready for that special night when you go ‘Trick or Treat’, in your scary Halloween costumes and jack-o-lanterns. It is akin to horror and fun and what combines both these elements is games! 


In addition to the games that are played physically in parties and gatherings, there are other avenues which offer scary entertainment. And since we are in the middle of a global pandemic that has us confined to our homes in an effort to stay healthy, Halloween mobile games can be your go-to solution this year. There are a number of mobile games that have Halloween themes and these can be pursued to get into the right ‘spirit’. 


It can be overwhelming to choose from among the options available. So, we are here to help you! Following are the top 3 Witch games that can be downloaded for free and which offer the best experience whenever you play them on your mobile devices:

3 games that best depict the Halloween world experience


  1. Witchdom 
    This is amatch 3 game from 1Gamez and it is full of surprises. The graphics are eerie at their best. There is a Witch on her broom who guides you and keeps up the Halloween spirit throughout! The props are all pumpkins, candies and hats, and these will keep you close to the theme. Another thing that is worth a mention is the background music. It is quite rousing in its scary sense and is bound to keep the players on their feet at all times.  As far as the gameplay is concerned, it starts with simple match 3 games format and these get progressively  challenging as you go on. You have several boosters to help you in the advanced puzzles. There is a level of mystery that keeps you hooked to the game and with unlimited surprises and exciting adventures, you will have the best Halloween world in your hands. 1500 levels of fun and horror await you this season! 
  2. Witchdom 2
    As the name suggests, it is part 2 of the aforementioned game. Another amazing production of 1Gamez, this is also a match 3 game with 1000 levels. The Witch is more playful in this and has a number of companions which makes it even more enjoyable. The music and graphics are a match to the Witch’s playfulness. There are candies and baked goods which you will need to collect by matching 3 or more and like the previous one, the levels become difficult as you progress further. There is help in the form of powerups and boosters. There are many players who play the first and second Witchdom versions simultaneously, and though they are match 3 games, there is a lot that makes them unique to each other.
  3. Halloween Witch Connect 
    If you are looking for a connecting game based onHalloween themes, this is perhaps one of the best options. An offering from the Launchship Studios, this, as the name suggests, requires you to connect similar items and win levels. There are 2000 puzzles in all, and with the company of the witch flying on her magic broom and encouraging you to do your best, there is nothing better to enjoy in this season than play! As with the other two games mentioned above, the graphics and game are relevant and are equally enjoyed by people of all ages.

Enjoy Halloween mobile games this time around!

Though you are unable to meet all your friends and go from door to door looking for treats this Halloween, these 3 games will ensure that you have the best celebrations sitting at home. These are free to download with in-app purchases. So, get your scary costume on, have some candies and baked goods ready, and start playing these witch games. 

Be as close to a perfect Halloween season as possible by recommending the games to your friends and family and playing together. Share your high scores and brag as often as you can! Stay put, play these spooky games, and have a

happy Halloween, everyone!