When you create a mobile game, it might be an interesting one for you as an app developer. However, it may just be an average one for your players, who have hundreds of options to choose from. All those who play on their mobile devices look for fun above everything else. This is a form of stress relief and gives a sense of accomplishment to the players and only if it is enjoyable, will they come back for more. So, whether you are a newbie or an established game designer, you will need to make yourself acquainted with the best game designing features to create apps that make people happier!

There are many ways of creating entertaining games. Here are a few tips that are sure to offer a fun-filled experience to players on any given day.

Game designing tips to create games with the maximum fun quotient

  • Mind-blowing sound works

Sound effects play a significant role in mobile games. It sets the mood of the game and keeps up the interest of the gamers. Based on the gameplay and the story, the music has to be relevant and catchy. An excellent audio design has to be given its due importance. There are many ways in which music can be incorporated into games – the actual gameplay, the winning and losing sound effects, the rewarding of boosters, and announcing special challenges, to name a few. The background music has to be unique to the game and focused on the fun aspect all along.

  • Crafting an enthralling environment for players

When someone plays a game, they wish to be transported to a world that is distinctly different from the one they are surrounded by. Offering a captivating one that takes them away from the normal and gives them recreation is key. 

  • Enhanced visuals and themes

In continuation to the above tip, the visuals and themes included in the game have to capture the interest of the target audience/players. However, it has to be relevant to your game and in sync with the gameplay on the whole. Amp it up with animations to make your app appear attractive. The visual aspect must be given consideration at the time of game development as well as game designing, so as to make the flow natural. 

  • Using the latest game designing trends

Integrating games with the upcoming game designing trends is yet another tip to enhance the fun element. These include tools such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), localization, cloud gaming, live streaming, etc. There are many games that have already made the most of these trends and have successfully created a better user experience when compared to before. 

  • Offering an immersive gameplay

Though it is basic, it is what keeps the players going. But, make sure that your gameplay is anything but basic, as far as fun is concerned. Keeping the game progressively challenging is one such factor. Another one is offering variety. Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring. So, enhance the experience with stimulating levels, surprise challenges, boosters and special rewards. Game development is largely focused on this aspect. 

  • Engaging characters/properties

Based on the story, create characters and properties that help in taking it forward in the mobile game. They have to be apt, innovative and delightful. The collectibles/properties have to be neutral since these games are played by people from different countries and backgrounds. Care should be taken not to hurt any of their sentiments. At the same time, they should be a big part of the whole story and represent the game in its totality.

  • Enjoyable interactions

Whether it is the in-game content or the storyline, the interactive parts in the game have to be spellbinding. As mentioned earlier, along with the game progress, the story has to unfold and bond with the players. This can be accomplished with the best interactions, whether small or large. With challenging levels and new targets, the messages have to resonate with players on a personal level so that they keep playing.

The ultimate goal of any mobile game is for players to not give up midway through the gameplay but to see it through the end. This is only possible when it is fun and entertaining. Using the aforementioned game designing tips, the same can be achieved.