Mobile game development is a dynamic industry. The changes that such games have seen over the years are humongous, and they continue to surprise players with innovative features and gameplays even today. These are meant to keep up the interest of people and hence, the introduction of new technologies and trends goes a long way with the user experience. 

So, there are several mobile gaming trends that have taken over the development of such apps in the year 2020 and which look promising even in the coming years. Here are a few of them that have proved their mettle:

The best mobile game development trends of 2020 and beyond

  • Cloud-Based games

     Streaming games from any devices with the help of internet connectivity has gained immense popularity.                      Cloud-based games make this possible and there are several mobile app developers that are creating them for a            better playing experience. In addition to the improved quality and enhanced functionality as far as the gamers              are concerned, the whole development process is cost-effective and works out for the gaming companies too.

  • AR games

       An immersive mobile gaming experience is the need of the hour. Players from around the world are in the                     lookout for something new and AR games offer the same to them. Take the example of Pokemon Go. People                awaited the game before it was released and it had close to a billion downloads in early 2019. A lot of game app           development companies have incorporated Augmented Reality into them and the phenomenon is here to stay for       a long time to come

  • VR games

         Mobile phones are getting more compatible. The introduction of Virtual Reality into games is now being                         supported by portable devices and this trend is catching up fast. Though the VR potential has not been tapped             completely yet, it looks promising and has been explored in 2020 and will continue to be a major trend in the               future.

  • Unity mobile development

        More than half of the 2D/3D mobile games are built using Unity. This gaming engine supports AR games and it          creates seamless and responsive gameplay. There are a number of updates in the said engine and mobile game            development can be made better and more inclusive by using this dynamic tool.

  • Cross-platform gameplay

      Cross-platform games give a chance to switch from one platform to the other without losing the progress in the            gameplay and in a seamless manner. So, if a player wants to switch from a console to a mobile device, the same            can be accomplished without any glitches. Developing mobile games that are compatible with varied platforms is        another trend that is up and coming.

  • IoT

      Connectivity is a major aspect of mobile games, especially when it is multiplayer apps. IoT or Internet of Things          is a trend that has caught up with many industries and mobile games are not far off. Wearable devices, for one,            bring out the IoT phenomenon in the best possible way.

  • 5G

        A strengthened mobile network is ideally suited for games. Speed, functionality, stability and improved                          performance are what makes 5G quite an anticipated trend. This is believed to be ready by the end of this year              and there is a lot to look forward to in the coming years, at least until 6G comes up!

  • AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Development

         How web pages perform on mobile devices is quite a big deal when it comes to the overall customer experience.           With Google’s AMP, this feature is bound to be enhanced. The loading time of mobile apps will become better               and there will be hardly any lag while playing games.

Mobile game development is a growing industry as there are hundreds of games being produced on a daily basis. People of all ages play them for entertainment, relaxation and a sense of achievement. They give players something to look forward to and being available on portable devices just make them even more popular. 

The share of mobile games is over 50% of the current gaming market and it is on a continual rise. With new trends and innovations being introduced into these games, people will always have something to look forward to in the choice of mobile games. Recognising them and implementing them into the development process will produce the best results going forward.