Live fantasy games are no longer limited to the European and American demographics. Gamers in Asia are now big-time players of live fantasy games. Whether it is cricket, football or tennis, the market is huge in the continent and gamingcompanies have started to realize the potential in Asian countries, in addition to other regions. They are creating such games that are suitable for a larger section of players from around the world.

In order to understand this phenomenon better, let us first define fantasy gaming.

What are live fantasy games?

Live fantasy online games/sports is a genre in which players form their own virtual teams with real players involved in the relevant sports. These teams play against one another and accrue points based on the real-time performance of the actual players in specific championships. Based on the players’ performance in the live matches, the virtual teams get points/rewards. 

To make is easier, let us take the example of cricket, and more specifically, the Indian Premier League (IPL). Famous players from around the world are auctioned and bought by varied clubs. They then play against each other in a series of matches. In live fantasy gaming, players who love cricket can create their own virtual teams with the players available and get them to play with each other. As per the performance of the players in the real matches, the results in the virtual matches are arrived at.

Now that we all understand the idea behind fantasy league matches, let us look at the reasons for their popularity:

Why are fantasy games being pursued by the gaming industry?

  • Appeals to a large demographic – As mentioned earlier, there are many options available in the sports industry that can form the basis for fantasy league matches. These include cricket, football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc. Each game has players that are renowned amongst people from around the world. These are famous personalities whose careers are followed by a large number of people who love sports.If a live fantasy game is being offered, it is imperative that such enthusiasts would want to partake in them. There is a sense of accomplishment that is associated with such games and people who idolize sports persons will not think twice before enrolling in such sports/games.
  • Revenue-generating – The sports industry is universal. It is not divided into regions. People from a certain part of the world enjoy games that originate from other countries. Therefore, the opportunities that the industry presents are huge. Game developers can capitalize on this aspect and create fantasy games that are immersive. If the gameplay offers them an experience that matters, people who like a particular sport/game will not shy away from paying for it.
  • A chance to implement futuristic technology – There are only a handful of such games which players can enjoy along with their sport icons. Using the latest technology, it is possible to create unique games that can take fantasy gaming to great heights. Tools such as AR and/or VR can be used for the perfect gaming experience.

Tools such as big data and Google Analytics can be used in the fantasy gaming field. There are billions of people of varied age groups who play online games and such data can be used to streamline their activities and create games that are relevant and inclusive. Google Analytics can optimize the pattern of spending, the regions that generate more income and the best time to introduce such games to the market. Developers can make the most of this information whilst creating their games.

Barring a few, fantasy sports is considered to be legal in most countries. Asia is one of the regions where it is legal and the market is enormous in terms of gamers. The ROI would also be immense. In addition to the big names in the gaming industry, there are many Indie developers who can work towards building games that matter to players who like sports. 

People who play online games are always looking for more and live fantasy sports has a huge untapped market that can be exploited. Gaming companies need to realize this and take up projects that are relevant to their goals. The number of such games should increase substantially in the coming years so as to provide gamers the variety that they wish for.