The gaming arena has seen a remarkable rise in the number of women players over the years. Based on statistics, they take up about 53% of the global percentage, and this is a huge margin. So, why is it that games (whether it is video, mobile or console) are not as inclusive when it comes to meeting the needs of this section of players? Most of the experts are of the opinion that there is a need for higher female representation in all facets of the game development ecosystem. Whether it is in game design or <strong>Game development</strong>, a substantial amount of women employees is bound to result in games that are inclusive in nature.

Coming to the types of games, the mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest growing amongst the lot, owing to the ubiquity of smartphones. Right from a young age, users have access to sources that offer them free games. This develops an interest in the players which grows with time. As far as mobile games for women are concerned, they prefer puzzle, Match 3, cooking and family board/arcade games. Women find them stress-relieving. These games can be designed to offer an immersive experience along with hours of entertainment. The young girls love the imaginary world that has been created to entertain them. In fact there are specific games designed for girls for the purpose. Players in the said demographic are between the ages of 12 and 45.

In addition to the above, let us look at a few other reasons for giving women their due in the gaming industry and why developers should be aware of the opportunities that this segment presents:

  1. Women do not hesitate to spend money – Most of the popular games played worldwide are free to download, with in-app purchases. These are packs that give the players powerups, boosters, extra lives and many other enticing offerings. When women start playing a game and develop a liking towards it, they do not hesitate to use the ‘Shop’ option to better their chances at beating a level or getting a higher score. This means an increased ROI for the Game Studios. Developers need to tap this potential and increase the earnings by a significant margin.
  2. Publicity – If women find a certain mobile game interesting, they are likely to talk about it with their friends and family. They share their experiences with others and in most cases, encourage them to start playing the said game. This leads to more downloads. In addition to the word-of-mouth publicity, there are other sources such as social media platforms, App Stores, etc, which play a vital role. Women are known to use these avenues to make their ilk aware that such a game exists and offers an amusing experience. This prompts the other players to pursue it.
  3. Women are frequent players when compared to men – Games offer a sense of achievement as women can share their scores with friends and family members who play the same games. They offer relaxation and provide an immersive experience on any given day. Therefore, a large section of women players come back to play the games that they like. This decreases the chances of apps getting uninstalled by a considerable margin.
  4. Make women feel inclusive – Despite the fact that half of the world’s total mobile gamers are women, there are only a handful of games that can be considered as inclusive for them. They are able to relate to only a handful of apps. Those games that have prominent female characters are downgraded by lieu of the apparel, the way they are projected and their strength. There is an immense amount of developer opportunity to create exclusive games using pioneering gaming technology. Women need to feel important and for this to materialize, the games have to be distinctive and relevant.

Mobile games give ample opportunities for players from around the world to connect with their fellow-players and be a part of the community, even on the go. They are known for offering a world that is ethereal and engaging at the same time. As discussed earlier, women need to feel the same way about the games that they frequently play. This can be made possible by offering them apps that they are able to relate to, and charm them into a different zone simultaneously.

Using gaming technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, gaming companies need to address the needs of the female demographic, right here and right now! There is a huge potential to earn money from the said players as they are more than willing to do their bit to the industry as a whole. Use women developers and designers to conceptualize and create games that are pertinent. Make the women gamers feel inclusive and the way they are perceived in the gaming world will change for the better. There is also bound to be a considerable increase in the ROI as a result.